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Number Three Rated Beer Club

RATED #3 The Texas Craft Beer Club

Our #3 rated club isn't really about the beer as much as it's about where the beer comes from. But if you're looking for a gift for someone who's enamored with all things Texas – this might be the club for you.

What you get: The Texas Craft Beer Club is brand new and trying to do something different by offering craft beers only brewed in the great state of Texas. You might be concerned that limiting their selections to Texas results in lesser quality and, to be honest, it remains to be seen if Texas is producing enough quality brews to support its own beer club. For now, the Texas Craft Beer Club promises to deliver twelve Texas craft beers every month - six beers each from two different breweries. Their website makes no mention of specific membership lengths or options. While most quality beer clubs ship only bottled beers, this club ships both cans and bottles – we assume due to the limited selections in Texas.

We should stress one more time that this is a brand new beer of the month club and, unlike our #1 and #2 rated clubs which have a combined almost 40 years of experience, the Texas Craft Beer Club doesn't have a history of great beers and great service for you to rely on when making your purchase. What it does have is a fresh new idea for beer drinkers who are OK sacrificing the selection and quality of the more established beer clubs in exchange for a full-on Texas experience.

What it costs: $38.00 a month with options to pay up front or have your credit card billed monthly. Beer Across America offers free shipping on all orders so that $38.00 is your out-the-door price (plus tax depending on the state you're shipping to).

What it costs: Gulp! $48.95 per month. Yes, that's an obscenely high price. But remember, this is a very specific gift for a very specific beer drinker and small clubs like this don't have the volume to offer competitive prices. At least the shipping is free.

The extras: None listed.

Customer service: There is an email address and a phone number (not toll-free) listed on their website but no hours of operation and no guarantee.

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