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Number One Rated Beer Club

RATED #1 Beer Across America

America's first Beer of the Month Club and, in our opinion still the best, Beer Across America is our highest-rated beer club based on selections, service, and price. If you're looking for a great gift, or a beer club for yourself that you know you can count on, Beer Across America is an excellent choice.

What you get: Beer Across America offers gift memberships in durations starting at three months and continuing all the way up to 12 months. You can choose monthly, every-other-month, or every 3rd month shipping. That flexibility gives you some pretty neat options. If you send someone a 12-month membership shipped every 3rd month they'll be getting deliveries for a full 3 years!

As for their beer selections, these guys know what they're doing. Each month they feature two different American breweries and deliver to their members two selections from each brewery (3 of each of selection so 12 beers in total). Beer Across America was founded way back in 1992 so they've got almost 25 years of experience delivering to their members some of the finest craft brews this country has to offer. Recent selections have featured breweries from Colorado, New York, California, Maine, Vermont, Texas, Montana, Utah, Oregon and more so these guys really get around and their members get to sample great beers from, literally, across America.

What it costs: $38.00 a month with options to pay up front or have your credit card billed monthly. Beer Across America offers free shipping on all orders so that $38.00 is your out-the-door price (plus tax depending on the state you're shipping to).

The extras: Each order includes a free gift of a professional barkeep bottle opener made of stainless steel - a nice bonus when you're sending someone a gift as you'd be surprised how many people don't own one of these simple tools in today's world of twist-off cap convenience.

Each monthly shipment also includes a copy of their club newsletter, Something's Brewin' - an informative, full-color publication that tells you a little bit of the history of that month's featured breweries and their beer.

Customer service: 7-day a week customer service both by email and toll-free 800 number and backed by a comprehensive guarantee.

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