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Holiday Info You’ll Want to Know


If You’re Considering the Gift of Craft Beer this Holiday, Here are Some Things You’ll Want To Know:

  • All Gift Package orders that come in by Dec. 14th will be sent out in time to arrive by Christmas.  Orders received after the 14th will be delivered in the second week of January.
  • Gift Membership are delivered instantly via email so they can be ordered at any time.  Just put your email address in as the gift recipient if you don’t want the gift to be delivered to the recipient immediately.  You can then print out the email and/or forward it on when the time is right.  A gift membership is a great option for the craft beer lover.  You can give a gift of anywhere from 1-12months, and the lucky recipient will be able to come on the site and customize their package of beer each month from our large selection of premium Craft Beers (…if they wish, there is no obligation to pick your beers each month.  If they choose not to, or simply forget, we will pick great/awesome/spectacular beers for them).  The membership doesn’t start until they activate it using the link in the gift email, so they can start whenever they’re ready.  Although, with our ridiculously delicious selection of premium, rare, and limited release beers they probably won’t wait very long!
  • Membership orders will go out as normal.  Most packages will arrive during the second week of January.
  • Remember to always Drink good beer with great people!
  • And if you want to save 15% OFF your order, use PROMO CODE – CraftHoliday
Have a very Happy Holiday, and always feel free to shoot us an email with any questions or comments.