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About CBC

Craft Beer Connect was created out of the desire to get great beers into the hands of its fans no matter where they live.  Founded by East Coast transplants who found themselves in the Beer Mecca of Southern California, we aim to share the Sun, Surf and Suds that we love with the country.

We at CBC are dedicated to creating and maintaining a site that has the feel of a good pub or any place were you can kick back with a beer.  Our goal is that you as a beer lover find the website both interesting and interactive.  Since everyone has different tastes, we strive to share useful and fun info, but also to let you contribute through your ratings and reviews of the beers.   All of this with the goal of providing beer you know you will enjoy but can’t necessarily get in your area yet.

We understand and believe in the necessity of beer in our lives.  Life is full of hectic moments that are balanced by truly great ones.  In either case, nothing helps us enjoy life or set the mind straight like spending a little quality time with a good craft made beer.

Always, feel free to email, Facebook, or call us with questions or comments.